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Apartment insurance, MTPL and Casco insurance fortress Kodak in Sumy
Your reliable partner insurance company Sumy-Insurance

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Types of insurance 


Mandatory Car insurance (OSAGO)

   You bought the policy OSAGO from Sumy-Insurance?
Buy the policy and get a plastic card «Autocard» as a gift.
Within one year we guarantee:

  • two free evacuation vehicle accidents, regardless of fault.
    Limit-UAH 1000 per evacuation.
  • one free fuel delivery.
    Fuel cost is paid by the driver.
  • check out the free technical assistance team and a specialist on the scene.

To purchase your policy you will need the following documents:

  • Passport of the citizen of Ukraine and identification number
  • technical passport.
  • If you have benefits, they are confirming.

Our terms and conditions of insurance-the best in Sumy!
Easy and safe we can only insure!
   International assessment of an independent expert agency London Insurance Corporation, our prices are the best in Ukraine.

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Voluntary auto insurance (CASCO)

You choose to protect your car from damage and risks?
 Then buy a CASCO contract from Sumy-Insurance and you will get a number of advantages:

  • We insure automobiles purchased in credit (see the list of banks, which has accredited our company).
  • Only in our company CASCO works on the principle of "all inclusive".
  • The contract has a minimum list of exclusions.
  • Compensation for damages in the amount of up to 10000 g. -without the provision of documents by the competent authorities.
  • The payouts are not dependant on client's guilt.
  • Three free evacuation limit-2000 g. at every evacuation.
  • Does not require a medical examination for intoxication.
  • The sum insured is not reduced after the payment of compensation.
  • Twice a year, the costs associated with damage to the paint, glass, lighting, mirrors, antennas, moldings are reimbursed in full without supporting documents.
  • Cracks and chips of glass is the insured event!
  • The company is responsible for the theft of your car from any location.
  • Your car is insured in case of natural disasters and the illegal actions of third parties.

Our COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE is the best guarantee for your protection in any circumstances.

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Apartment, House, Business

Have a House, apartment, or business?
Then just for you our company has created an exclusive insurance products:
Sumy-Apartment, Sumy-house and Sumy-business.
Maximum comfort, minimum cost!

Benefits of our programs:

  • complex insurance protection from a wide range of risks (fire, theft, natural disasters, water, falling trees, etc.).
  • The cost of comprehensive insurance is lower than the insurance of different categories of assets and risks. The price of our policy of 50 g. in the year.
  • Individual approach-you choose the insurance coverage options insurance sums from 12 500 Gr. up to 1 500 000 Gr.
  • Save time and money-you don't need expert estimation of property and its inventory.
  • n addition to the Sumy-Apartment you get compensation for third-party liability insurance (neighbors) when applied to damage to life, health, property, which may occur as a result of ownership, disposal and use of property.
  • Protection of property used for commercial purposes to businesses and individuals.

Purchase our insurance programs and you'll be well protected.
Your home is your Castle. And we are always happy to help you with this!


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Insurance from home

We can agree with you on all the details of the insurance coverage and deliver to your home or Office a ready-made package of insurance documents.

Free Insurance Consultant

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