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Insure the rented premises, rented an Office and equipment
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Types of insurance 


Insurance of rented premises, Office and other equipment


The insurance agreement may acquire tenants of Office, administrative, warehouse and industrial buildings and facilities, as well as persons who use or dispose of land (legal entities or natural persons, including business entities). Insurance for rented property, the State or municipal property is governed by the law of Ukraine "on lease of State property".


Depending on the terms of the lease and the condition of the rented property can be insured:

  • only the component parts of the premises (excluding interior finishing);
  • constructive elements and finishing of premises;
  • land plot.

Insurance risks

  • fire risks:
    the fire, smoke from the fire, soot and corrosive gas;
    lightning or explosion a fireball;
    explosion of gas used for domestic purposes;
    falling of piloted flying objects, their wreckage or cargo;
  • natural disasters:
    Storm, hurricane, storm, whirlwind, Twister;
    hail, rainfall;
    unusual for the area where is located the insured object, precipitation;
    shift ground;
    rock falls, avalanches, falling rocks, mudslides;
    other natural disasters (by agreement of the parties);
  • illegal actions of third parties:
    burglary, robbery;
    intentional damage or destruction of the insured property by third parties, including arson;
  • water damage as a result of:
    breakdown of technical systems: water supply, sewerage, heating, sprinkler systems (including if they are damaged as a result of low temperatures);
    the penetration of water from adjacent premises. The customer can choose exactly those risks which in his view can provide the most complete insurance protection of property.

Amount of sum insured is determined by agreement of the parties, including on the basis of the amount specified in the rental agreement or in the help of the book value.


Insurance of the leased premises or Office in Sumy

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