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Fortress Kodak MTPL, motor insurance, green card in Russia and the EU
Your reliable partner insurance company Sumy-Insurance

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Types of insurance 


Insurance of motor vehicles


   Our insurance company provides a complete package of services for motorists and Prof. ssional′no for road transport, road transport, automobile special equipment.

    All insurance products of Sumy Insurance have stood the test of time in the markets of the European Union, the CIS countries and offer complete protection against all risks, with the affordable price.


Our insurance policies will provide:

  • Damages which may be caused to the life, health or property of third parties on the policy of INSURANCE, which is also called fortress Kodak or insurance   view more
  • Compensation for damage to third parties during a foreign trip or travel by car on the policy of "green card" view details
  • Refund your damage due to ACCIDENT, theft, or other events leading to the charges. Casco insurance policy (car insurance-CASCO) view more information
  • Compensation for your damages arising during operation of the automotive and machinery for special policy view more
  • Reparation of vehicle acquired in credit policy, credit car INSURANCE view more


Car insurance — MTPL, MOTOR HULL INSURANCE, green card, special equipment

Insure the car and any vehicles and special equipment.

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