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Insure your business property used for commercial purposes
Your reliable partner insurance company Sumy-Insurance

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Types of insurance 


"Sumy-business" insurance program

   "Sumy-business" insurance program is the property of entrepreneurs and enterprises, which is used for commercial purposes.

Main advantages of Sumy-business:

  • Payments are made without taking into account the proportionality;
  • Speed of execution of the contract;
  • Price from 115 UAH. per year (or 32 kopecks a day) up to 1150 UAH. per year (3.15 UAH per day)

Dear entrepreneur you are a special category of customers because your property and finishing of premises-this gun production and the attractiveness for clients, and a sign of status.


Who can be insured?
Legal and natural persons who use the property for commercial purposes.


You can insure?

  • the structure;
  • separate premises;
  • equipment;
  • internal communications;
  • instruments and apparatus;
  • Office equipment;
  • furniture, interior decoration, decoration of walls (including the Windows and display cases);
  • goods, materials and other property.

From what can be insured?
According to the insurance agreement covers loss of or damage to property as a result of:

  • Fire, smoke, explosion, lightning stroke;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Unlawful actions of third persons (including theft, burglary, arson, robbery);
  • Water actions;
  • Falling of piloted aircrafts or their parts;
  • Outside influence (collision of vehicles, falling trees, etc.).

Insurance indemnity:
In case of destruction or damage of the insured property, the insurance indemnity is paid in full within the selected insurance amounts and limits of liability for certain categories of property.


Insurance for business

Insure any property used for commercial purposes.

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