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Insure the House is brick and wood to good conditions and at the lowest price
Your reliable partner insurance company Sumy-Insurance

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Types of insurance 


"Sumy House" insurance program

Main advantages of Sumy House:

  • Convenient and affordable residential property insurance program that allows for little money get the widest coverage: so over 75 000 UAH. insurance coverage must be paid only 300 UAH.
  • Provides comprehensive protection from all the risks-flood, fire, explosion, lightning, natural disasters, illegal acts of third parties.
  • Saves you time-going home without an inspection, appraisal and assessment of the property.
  • Individual approach-you choose the insurance coverage options insurance house.

Our insurance company appreciates you and your time. Therefore, to ensure the completeness of the insurance to protect your home and property, a special programme has been developed- property insurance - Sumy House;

You can insure?
House, property belonging to the insured and his family members residing together with him and the common household and the House and property, which the insured shall order under a contract of lease (rent, rental, leasing, etc.), if such a House and property not owned by the insured, as follows:

  • Stone houses, buildings and structures-bearing brick, Panel or stone walls with concrete or concrete flooring.
  • Mixed homes, buildings and structures, walls, partitions and ceilings shall be constructed of the following materials: brick + wood, wood + metal.
  • Wooden houses, buildings and structures.
  • Construction with integral communications.
  • Construction with integral communications + finish.
  • Only the finish.
  • Fences and greenhouses.
  • Landscape structures (lawn, flowerbed, an artificial reservoir, rock garden, trails, playgrounds, and other decorative installations).
  • Plots.
  • Home property - property in residential house, apartment building or room.
  • Liability to third parties.

From what can be insured House?
According to the insurance agreement covers loss of or damage to homes and property as a result of:

  • Fire, smoke, explosion, lightning stroke;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Unlawful actions of third persons (including theft, burglary, arson, robbery);
  • Water actions;
  • Falling of piloted aircrafts or their parts;
  • Outside influence at home (collision of vehicles, falling trees, etc.)

Sum insured:
Amount of sum insured is chosen by the insured themselves of the options. The minimum sum insured is 25 000 UAH, maximal - 3 000 000 UAH.


Insurance indemnity:
In the event of the destruction or damage of the insured home and property insurance indemnity is paid in full within the selected insurance amounts and limits of liability for certain categories of property.


Insurance from home

Insure your House on favorable terms.

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