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Types of insurance 


Insurance of the pledged property (property acquired on credit)


   There's nothing like your own home, but if you purchased a house or apartment on a mortgage, then you can wait for weight difficulties. Part of these difficulties will help solve the insurance. At least, thanks to insurance will not be evicted from apartments and will not force her to restore damaged. (A) the full amount of the disability insurance company will repay the loan.


You can insure?
You can insure the property which is the subject of the mortgage or lien:

  • Home (industrial, administrative, socio-cultural and public use)
  • outbuildings (garages, sheds, roofed areas, fences, structures)
  • constructions (communication, systems, machines, machine tools, power machines and transmission mechanisms, other machinery and equipment production and technological cycle)
  • vehicles (cars, tractors, trucks, motorcycles, other self-propelled machinery that perform transport etc.)
  • goods (products, raw materials, both own materials and purchased with the purpose of their processing, as well as stock of goods train, in stores, inventory)
  • internal and external decoration of the building
  • Interior items
  • electrical appliances
  • home repair

What risks you can get insured?

  • fire
  • natural disasters (earthquake, lightning, flood, storm, whirlwind, inundation, downpour, hail, heavy snowfall, freezing, landslides, groundwater)
  • damage or destruction of property of liquid water-supply, sewerage, heating systems and fire-extinguishing systems
  • falling aircraft, their parts, space bodies and other items
  • llegal actions of third parties (theft, robbery, brigandage, intentional destruction of or damage done by fire, explosion, as well as the destruction or damage as a result of attempted these steps)
  • glass display cases


Mortgage insurance

Insure any property acquired on a mortgage.

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