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Insure the lives of citizens accident
Your reliable partner insurance company Sumy-Insurance

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Life insurance from 108 UAH. a year

Life insurance


We offer you an insurance policy life.

We rarely zadumuyemosya over what may happen to the financial condition of the family, if an unexpected event. Disability or death case not only the emotional beats of the track the whole family, f and lays a heavy financial burden on all its members. How to recover losses as repay the loan, which means to exist - that these questions correspond to our insurance program.


We have the ability to help your family in difficult times. It is enough to sign a contract of insurance. If the come insurance case, you or your family will not be left in a difficult financial situation. Our insurance company will make the payment on disability or heirs - with fatalities.


Insures customers from 18 to 63 years.
The term of the contract - a year.
The territory of the Contract - The whole world
The sum insured for your choice of 20 000.00. 500 000.00.


Risks that covers contract of insurance:

  • Death as a result of illness or accident;
  • Disability resulting from an accident;
  • Surviving insured person before the expiration of the contract;
  • Disease insured.

You can choose the program and the amount of insurance without a medical examination.
Insurance payments are:

  • In the amount of the sum insured risk (or part thereof);
  • In a regular, consistent payments (annuity).




Insurance life of citizens accident

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We insure the health and lives of citizens.


Insure students, tourists and workers, students or working on the territory of Ukraine.