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Insure the food industry
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Types of insurance 


Cost Contract from 300 UAH

Insurance for owners of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops...

Insuring entities that produce, process or implementing food, beverages, agricultural products namely:

  • food and agricultural industry;
  • facilities, warehouses;
  • elevators;
  • distributors of food and beverages;
  • retailers.

Subject to insurance:

  • food;
  • property;
  • third party liability.

Insurance objects:

  • elements of structures;
  • integral communication engineering systems in buildings;
  • internal and external decoration;
  • Equipment: production, warehousing, trade and other fixed assets;
  • equipment, furniture, office equipment;
  • inventories (stocks of raw materials and finished products).



Insure property against all risks, which means that in addition to the standard fire, explosion, element, be borne damages caused to the property as a result of any random events.



By request of the client may insure

  • The products in refrigerators
    (Damage, loss, damage frozen, refrigerated foods as a result of failure of refrigeration equipment).
  • Damage to product as a result of the termination of electricity supply.
    Insured may be frozen, refrigerated or frozen food that be stored in cold rooms "controlled atmosphere".
  • Losses as a result of the collapse, failure of the storage racks, piles of stock
  • Damage (pollution, contamination of products)
  • Any change, degradation products:
    • toxins, pesticides and other chemical products;
    • the presence of foreign objects in the product (eg, fragments of broken glass);
    • change the natural properties of products, including change in taste, odor, even if such changes do not affect the possibility of its further use.

Can be insured foods (except those stored in refrigerators), alcoholic and soft drinks except:

  • food additives, dietary supplements;
  • energy drinks;
  • animal feeds.

Additionally reimbursed the costs of elimination / disposal of polluted / contaminated product, which is in warehouses insurer, and the necessary measures for disinfection and cleaning of industrial facilities.


An insurance contract provides for reimbursement of costs incurred by insurers when loss:

  • In clearing the area from debris, debris after an accident, namely:
    • In professional services to clear territory, recycling waste and remnants of the damaged property;
    • The rental of specialized equipment;
    • On the services of cleaning companies;
    • To pay mandatory payments required by the specialized agencies for the utilization of waste;
    • To pay for professional services on clearing and diagnostics of the damaged equipment.

Nutritional decision on liability insurance

You can insure general civil liability to third parties,
Responsibility for product quality.
Liability for defective products.



Take care of your safety and the safety of your business!



Insurance cafes, bars, restaurants and shops

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