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Casco car insurance in Sumy
Your reliable partner insurance company Sumi

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Types of insurance 


Car insurance CASCO in Sumy

   CASCO is voluntary insurance of the vehicle, which includes protection against all kinds of risks.
  Our company is built on the principle of  "all inclusive".

You can insure?
1. a vehicle registered in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and in the rights of the insured:

  • personal property
  • full economic ownership
  • operational management
  • leasing
  • lease agreement
  • order
  • other legally

2. Set the vehicle accessories

3. we insure automobiles, purchased on credit, if you have taken a loan from one of the 42 banks, see the list of banks


We insure:

  • cars
  • trucks
  • buses
  • vans
  • trailers (commercial VEHICLE)

What you will be insured?
With Casco insurance policy from our company you will be insured for all risks (all risks).

Insurance risks:
1. Damage as a result of an ACCIDENT-damage or destruction of any vehicle, its parts or accessories.
2. Hijacking and illegal possession of a vehicle by theft, robbery, robbery committed at any time and in any place.
3. damage due to other events-damage or total destruction of the VEHICLE due to the illegal actions of the third parties, natural disaster, fire, explosion, attack of animals falling objects (trees, snow, ice, rocks, billboards and stuff), damage to the stones and other objects, which took off from the wheels, as well as other physical effects, other random and unexpected events.


Additional benefits from Sumy Insurance-CASCO:

  • The sum insured is not reduced by the amount paid to the insurance compensation, that is, losses will be reimbursed without prior insurance payments, even if the total payments exceed the sum insured.
  • Without TRAFFIC POLICE recovered damages in full 2 times a year:
    • paint coatings
    • lighting devices
    • decorative exterior finishes
    • mirrors, antennas, glass. Cracks and chips of glass-insurance event.
  • Choosing "service station at the option of the insurer's" Policyholder saves on the amount of insurance and receive quality guarantee repair.
  • Insurance indemnity is paid regardless of who was guilty of the ACCIDENT.
  • Insurance indemnity is paid without deduction of depreciation, that is, compensation on a "new for old".
  • In the event of an ACCIDENT is not a required medical examination for intoxication.
  • Shipping costs will be reimbursed (towing) vehicle from the scene to the place of storage or repair within 2000 g. for each evacuation 3 occasions during the period of contract validity.
  • Shall be reimbursed the costs associated with the removal of hidden damage identified during repairs caused by an insured event, and documented.
  • The insurance coverage applies to all individuals that control the car legally, without increasing the cost of the insurance premium.
  • The policyholder may not provide documents to the competent authorities of the insurer, if the damage to the VEHICLE is not more than 10 000 UAH. or 5% of the sum insured for cars costing between 200 000 UAH.
  • In case of loss of the keys to the vehicle (including theft) once per year, will be reimbursed 50% of the cost of replacement of ignition locks and doors, flashing electronic engine start and the opening of the TC, as well as the acquisition of electronic keys to the VEHICLE.
  • You can pay the insurance payment in several parts, during the year, broken down into 2 and 4, and the payment amount is not increased.
  • With you always in touch 24-Infor I support, call a tow truck on the short mobile phone-272.
  • The price of the insurance policy CASCO is calculated individually for each client.
  • On our website you can calculate the cost of INSURANCE by filling out the form online or by calling the following telephone numbers.

We will be glad to help you at any time!


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