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CASCO insurance "Auto Protection" in Sumy
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Types of insurance 


CASCO insurance program "Auto Protection"


   For vehicles up to 10 years of operation, we offer contract Hull, for a very reasonable price - just 1450 UAH.


CASCO insurance policy "Auto Protection"
The cost of the policy CASCO    1450 hryvnia
The value of the insurance payment 50 000 hryvnia



Your car will be insured for the amount - 50 000 UAH. For the duration of the contract you can repeatedly apply to the insurance company and receive compensation for damages. Each time the total sum insured is reduced by the amount of insurance indemnity.


CASCO "Auto Protection" covers any damage to the vehicle, its individual components or additional hardware (except glass and lighting), caused as a result of the accident. Indemnified the insured vehicle collision with another vehicle - a party to the accident, which occurred as the fault of the Insured or caused by another person authorized to driving legally.


Insurance compensation is made after submission of documents confirming the occurrence of an event (reference GAI Accident prescribed form).


The territory of the Contract - Ukraine (except the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol).

If the damage of the vehicle is paid compensation in the amount of damage that is determined by budgeting cost recovery TC (estimate of losses), which includes the cost of spare parts, components, equipment and materials to be replaced, and the cost of repairs. The cost of spare parts, equipment parts that must be replaced is included in the size of the estimate of losses.


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