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Voluntary medical health insurance
Your reliable partner insurance company Sumy-Insurance

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Types of insurance 


Medical insurance, insurance medicine

For you we can provide high-quality medical care of any complexity in the best private hospitals in the city.

 Voluntary medical insurance is one of the types of personal insurance, which provides full or partial disbursement of funds for the provision of medical and health-care services in case of health problems.

Voluntary medical insurance can be a good motivation to retain staff of the company, and the real factor that affects the quality of the staff.

The most interesting programs for health insurance offers  "Sumu Insurance". Starting from the standard program that provides call private ambulance and emergency medical assistance in a hospital environment to advanced programs that are designed for each customer's individual request.


Among the list of advanced services, including insurance programs, such benefits as:

  • Emergency medical assistance (including fixed),
  • Out-patient care,
  • Dental care,
  • Medical Examination,
  • Medicamentous provision,
  • Maintenance of pregnancy and childbirth,
  • Therapeutic treatments and more.

Advantages of insurance company for benefits packages:

  • The perfect balance between price and quality
  • Flexibility in forming the medical programme, taking into account the needs and capabilities of the client
  • A wide network of medical institutions to provide necessary medical care for a specific program.

The standard program will ensure prompt arrival of teams of private ambulance, emergency and diagnostics will provide medical, medical assistance to the insured person. If you need transport to a medical facility for emergency response in the hospital setting. And all of this with monthly payment for insurance for the employee in the amount of UAH 45. and the amount of the liability of 10 000 UAH. in the year that the insurance company  Sumy Insurance.


At any time you can change (increase) the selected medical programme


Individual insurance plan, you can extend the "non-standard" additional options, such as:

  • Vitamin Therapy,
  • Immunization,
  • Massage course,
  • Access to the swimming pool,
  • Use of the gym and other options.

Our partner in the Organization of medical assistance is assistance companies, "Premier-assistance" and "Alfa-assistance".


Health care you can get more than 1000 medical establishments on the territory of Ukraine, with which the assistance company has a cooperation agreement.


Medical insurance in Sumy

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