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Motorcycle insurance CASCO, "Green Card" in Russia and the European Union
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Insurance and motorcycle biker


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Motorcycle Insurance, bikers and athletes


Our insurance company is ready to offer you a range of insurance products aimed at insurance protection is not only a motorcycle, but his owner - biker.

Motorcycle insurance can include:

  • Insurance for motorcycle insurance (compulsory insurance). CTP insurance policy protects the owner of the motorcycle in the event of liability for damages caused to the third party as a result of road accident ... more >>
  • Full insurance motorcycle helmets. CASCO insurance policy protects motorcycle against all risks (accidents, theft, natural disaster impact phenomena or aggressive actions of third parties), regardless of the fault of the host ... more >>
  • Life and Health Insurance biker while driving on public roads. This type of insurance is designed for bikers who are not engaged in motorsports and do not participate in competitive sports. If you like to just travel by motorcycle and participate in the gathering of bikers, such a policy of insurance for you ... more >>
  • Life and Health Insurance athlete, engaged in motorsports. This type of insurance protects against all risks that can occur during sports training or competition ... more >>
  • Insurance "Green Card". This policy is designed for those who like long-distance travel by motorcycle. Policy "green card" will allow you to travel as the countries of the CIS and the countries of the European Union ... more >>

Our insurance company can provide you with insurance as one of the above policies, and comprehensive insurance that includes some or all of the above types of insurance.


We will be happy to help you at any time convenient for you.


Insurance for motorcycle Sumy

Do you like traveling on a motorcycle? We provide insurance coverage against all risks for you, your passengers and your motorcycle.

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