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Apartment insurance, house insurance in Sumy
Your reliable partner insurance company Sumy-Insurance

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Types of insurance 


Insurance of real estate and property


   Insurance company Sumy-will provide an integrated set of services to protect your property, housing and property. We insure even real estate and property that you are renting.


Our products have two main features:

  • Comprehensive protection from all the risks
  • Affordable price

Our company will provide insurance policies:

  • Compensation for damage to your apartment and imuŝesvu it on the policy of Sumy-apartment   see more
  • Compensation for damage caused to your home and commercial buildings on the policy of Sumy-House   view details
  • Compensation for property acquired on a mortgage   view details
  • Compensation for damage to property and property used for commercial purposes   to view more details
  • ВCompensation of damages caused, or Office premises that you rent   view details

We will provide the best conditions for your apartment or house insurance at an affordable price.


Insurance real estate, rental of premises and offices in Sumy

Our contacts:

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Phone:    (+38) 066 161-22-42
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