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Third party liability insurance for private notaries.
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Types of insurance 


Liability insurance for notaries


    From August 28, 2015 year adopted a resolution №624 on compulsory liability insurance notary. Onwards, private notary can use State registry of proprietary rights to real estate and to register the contract and real estate transactions, therefore the minimum amount of liability insurance for notaries was increased up to 1000 times the minimum wage.

Why is it advantageous to insure responsibility "Sumy-Insurance":

  • all notaries in gift  and insurance against accident;
  • personal Manager supervises the insurance changes the extension of the Treaty;
  • discounts when buying other insurance products for the notary, as well as customers for its recommendations.

Third party liability insurance for private notaries third party involves the provision of insurance protection in case of notarial responsibility for damages (occupational), caused by third parties.


The notary's insurance cover is provided by the insurance company in all cases of unintentional harm to his client, including:
    1. as a result of negligence, even if the notary has taken all the necessary steps of caution,
    2. as a result of improper quality notary services,
    3. due to other reasons, which are connected with the professional activity of a notary public.

Deductible-0% of the sum insured.


What size of insurance benefit?
Amount of indemnity is equal to  1000 minimum wages. The minimum wage is determined in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

How long can you insure yourself?

The insurance period is 1 year notary.

What determines the price of the insurance policy?

The insurance tariff shall be calculated based on:

  1. The amount of the sum insured.
  2. Franchise (from 0 to 10%).
  3. Length of service of a notary public.
  4. Absence or presence of insurance payments in previous periods of insurance.
  5. Absence or presence of claims of notarial activities.
  6. Period of insurance.

Do you have any other questions?
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Insurance for private notaries in Sumy

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