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Types of insurance 


Car insurance OSAGO
(The COMPULSORY CIVIL LIABILITY INSURANCE, insurance, car insurance, Fortress Kodak)

Compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners to ensure compensation for damage which may be caused to life, health and property of third persons affected when operating this vehicle on the territory of Ukraine.

The insured amount per victim is:
- If damage to life and health of the victim - 100 000 UAH.;
- If the damage to the injured - 50 000 UAH.
Indemnity for damage to the property of the victim, always is reduced by the amount of franchise that may not exceed UAH 1000.

The policy of compulsory third party liability insurance cover-any person who legally operate the vehicle described in the policy OSAGO.

Insurance premiums (payments, bonuses) is an insurance company yourself through the base of the payment and the relevant works of correction factors.

Validity period of an insurance agreement constitutes from 15 days to one year for vehicles:
1) not registered in Ukraine-at the time of their registration,
2) temporarily registered on time to their permanent registration,
3) registered on the territory of foreign States for the duration of their stay on the territory of Ukraine.

For vehicles registered in the territory of Ukraine, auto insurance policy is concluded for a period of 6 months to one year.

If the vehicle is subject to compulsory technical inspection according to the law of Ukraine "on road traffic", the policy OSAGO is for a period not exceeding the term of another passing vehicle mandatory technical control.

With 2011.09.19 to each policy of auto issued form euro Protocol.

Euro Protocol is a special form of the established form by which drivers can arrange an ACCIDENT without representatives of TRAFFIC POLICE. Use the euro can protocol drivers if:
 - Both parties have a policy of obligatory civil liability insurance;
 - As a result of a traffic accident is not dead and will not hurt people;
 - The drivers are missing signs of alcohol, drugs or other substances, being under the influence of drugs, reducing attention and speed of reaction.
 - The two parties reached agreement as to the circumstances of the accident.
- The extent of the damage does not exceed 25 000 UAH.


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