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We will protect your mobile equipment and stationary machines
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Types of insurance 


"special equipment" insurance program

    The programme  "special equipment" designed for natural and legal persons who own or manage on the basis of the lease contract, lease or other grounds, mobile machines, appliances, instruments or equipment used in construction, agricultural and other industries.


We insure:

  • Agricultural equipment and machinery:   tractors, combines, grain-harvesting machines, equipment for agricultural machinery, etc.
  • Forest and wood machinery and machinery: log loaders, trailers, short log trucks, harvesters, forwarders, tractors, motor saws, wood splitters, etc.
  • Construction machinery and hoisting-and-conveying machinery: cranes, fork-lift trucks, cement trucks, excavators, dumpers, Caterpillar and other special equipment.
  • Road construction equipment: rollers, graders, concrete processing machines, asphalt pavers, etc.
  • Engineering technique and equipment: fork-lift trucks, conveyors, platforms, etc.
  • Storage technique and equipment: forklifts, compressors, refrigeration and other equipment.
  • Stationary (fixed) equipment: silos, presses, incubators, etc.
  • Other types of special machinery.

    The programme  "special equipment" is an integrated, bringing together all the conditions of the three types of insurance: property, vehicles and cargo. The cost of the policy is significantly lower than the sum of these three policies, and settlement of the insurance case is simpler and faster than the settlement in three different treaties.


Benefits of the programme "special equipment" software insurance property or vehicles:

  • An extended list of insured risks (as in Hull), including those covered by the risk of damage during transportation of special equipment
  • Flexible selection of coverage depending on the risks and nature of the use of special equipment
  • The insurance cost for the programme is considerably lower than the cost of three policies - CASCO, property insurance and cargo insurance.


Insurance for special equipment in Sumy

Are you the owner of special equipment? Call us and we will provide total protection for your equipment.

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