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Insure health in foreign-travel children, tourists and travelling to work
Your reliable partner insurance company Sumy-Insurance

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Types of insurance 


Insurance for those travelling abroad

Advantages of insurance in our company there are favorable conditions of insurances, namely:

  • Wide range of insurance programs and variability;
  • Selection of health insurance programmes according to the wishes of clients;
  • Efficient implementation of insurance payments directly to the insured person, if the expenses for medical care were paid by them on their own;
  • Service of insured persons is carried out by the insurance company;
  • A reliable partner in the Organization of care Insurance is a specialized international assistance company service that operates outside of Ukraine, on behalf of and on the instructions of the insurance company "Sumy Insurance" and coordinates the actions of the insured, as well as persons providing services to the insured in case of insurance events.

Insurance conditions:

  • The insured may be residents or non-residents aged from 1 year up to 75 years.
  • The insurance cover is valid worldwide, except for Ukraine and the country of which the insured person.
  • Insurance can cover:
    • the total limit of duration of stay abroad during the year (Multi Travel)
    • duration of one journey
    • Possible franchise from 0 up to 250 euros/dollars of United States (part of the damage, which is not refundable).
    • Sum insured (maximum amount of damages) from 5000 to 50000 euros / dollars of United States. Cost of insurance depends on the country of visit, number of days of stay abroad and from the insurance program.

Insurance risks, including insurance programs

  • Emergency inpatient care (services and medications),
  • Medical evacuation / repatriation (including transport),
  • The repatriation of the body,
  • Emergency outpatient care (services and medications),
  • Emergency dental care,
  • Payment transmission of urgent messages and telephone calls related to the insured event,
  • Return to the country of permanent residence, if the insured's departure did not take place on time because of the occurrence of the insured event (payment for tickets),
  • Early return to the country of residence in the event of the death of a close relative (payment for tickets),
  • Transportation of the insured's children under 15 years to the place of residence if the insured person is hospitalized (payment for tickets),
  • Visit the insured one of the relatives, who live in Ukraine, if the insured person was hospitalized for more than 10 days (payment for tickets),
  • Organization of the services of a lawyer in administrative proceedings, if the insured person lawsuit (promotion),
  • Search and delivery of lost luggage (promotion).

Who makes regular trips abroad during the year, we recommend that you choose the right program and arrange a contract with Multi Travel.


Multi Travel program provides compensation for the costs incurred during your stay abroad.

Depending on the period of validity of the visa is determined by the insurance period-60/90/182/365 days. During this period, you can make an unlimited number of trips, while the total number of days of insurance coverage abroad, respectively, 30/60/90/182 days.

Travel insurance is the compensation for medical expenses that may arise during a trip as a result of illness or accident.


Recover on an insurance event can be two kinds of service or compensation.

When service reimbursement for treatment and medical assistance to the insured, the insurance company pays the medical facility for treatment within the limits of the sum insured. This option is most suitable for you, after all, on vacation to spend several thousand euros for medical treatment.


When compensation for you yourself pay for all medical expenses, and after his return to Ukraine, the insurance company pays you compensation.


Take care of your safety and the safety of your loved ones!


Travel insurance for trips abroad

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